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The Refreshments - Yahoos and Triangles (theme from King of the Hill)

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Rant: The Worst King of the Hill Episode

in my opinion, is S2E03, “Arrow Head.” This is the one where an obnoxious archeologist digs up Hank’s yard when there’s rumors of American Indian artifacts buried there.

This episode spends so much time setting up possibilities for good jokes: Hank having to interact with academics, Hank being cuckolded by a wimpy smart dude, and Peggy having to pretend to be an intellectual. But these jokes never come, and neither does the plot really resolve itself. The only funny part is when Hank repeatedly kicks the professor down into the dig site, but even that doesn’t seem like a joke King of the hill would usually make.

Runner-up is S6E04, “The Father, the Son, and J.C.” The one with Jimmy Carter. This episode has a few great lines (“Everyone hated that baby!” “Mr Strickland!… I…. I love you!”) but has the most outlandish plot of any other episode in the series, perhaps even worse than when Peggy jumped out of a plane. I enjoy Cotton/Hank episodes occasionally, but too often they fall into the pattern of the whole episode being Hank and Cotton trying to love each other in a crazy setting.

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